Details of the event

A series of outdoor music concerts on Lloyds Amphitheatre, Canons Marsh with a main stage of live music; plus food, alcohol and soft drink concessions. Beginning on Wednesday 21st June and ending on Saturday 24th June.

Timings of the event

Doors to the event will open at 6.30pm with the music finishing at 10.30pm on Wednesday, 10:40pm on Thursday and 11pm on Friday & Saturday.

Location of the event

Lloyds Amphitheatre, Cannons Marsh Bristol City Centre, BS1 5LL.

How much are Tickets?

Tickets are priced between £32.50 & £37.50 and are available from www.bristolsounds.co.uk.

Age and ID

No under 5s.

A responsible adult MUST accompany any person who is under the age of 14. Identification will be required and under 14s will be refused entry without an adult.

Acceptable ID: full British photo driving licence, valid passport, pass logo ID card.


We have a monitored lost children area on site.

Please bring suitable hearing protection for young children.


We have made the following accessible facilities available at the event:

These facilities will only be available to ticket holders who have pre-registered their requirements.

Please email: bristolsounds@crosstownconcerts.com.

Search Policy

For the safety of our customers and staff, security will be conducting stringent searches at the gate. Anyone found to be carrying illicit items will have them confiscated and may be removed from the festival and handed over to the police where necessary.

Please do not attempt to bring any of the following items inside the festival:

Any form of seating other than wheelchairs is not allowed.

Food and Drink

Outside food and drink (including alcohol) is not allowed, with the exception of attendees with specific dietary requirements backed up by a doctor’s note. This is a condition of our license and it is something we must enforce in order to secure permission for the event to go ahead. There are, however, plenty of reasonably-priced bars and traders providing refreshments all day long as well as ample water points.

Valuables and Safety

We recommend taking some easy steps to maximise your enjoyment of the day. Keep money, mobile phones and cameras on your person at all times. If you suspect you have had something stolen, please check with Security at the Main Gate to see if it has been handed in before reporting it to the police.

Make yourself aware of the location of the emergency exits, and follow any instructions given to you by security or stewards. In the unlikely event that you witness dangerous or antisocial behaviour, move away and alert security if they are not already in the immediate vicinity.


Please make sure that you do use the loos provided. There are ample toilet facilities on site that are cleaned and re-stocked. We all know that festival loos can be a bit of an ordeal so please do your bit by leaving them as you’d like to find them!


Gates will close at 9pm – there will be no admittance to the event after this time.

There is no re-entry to this event.

First Aid and Welfare

There is a first aid point with fully qualified staff on site. There are also trained welfare staff who are there to help with personal problems and are also available for the duration of the event.

Full emergency services include:

If you need any assistance DO NOT call 999 as we have everything needed on site. This could unnecessarily tie up services from a nearby incident. There are ample numbers of Stewards and Security on site who can be alerted to call for any emergency services or assistance necessary.

If you suspect somebody is unwell take him or her to the first aid tent. If in severe cases they are not moving, please do not attempt to move them and alert a Steward immediately who will call for the exact help needed. If you take any medication regularly remember to bring it with you and make your friends aware of any illness of allergies you may have.

Look after yourself and those around you.

Health and Safety Planning

Public health and safety is our priority for every event that we do. Our event plans will be constantly reviewed by the Safety Advisory Group, whose members include Avon & Somerset Police, Avon Fire & Rescue, South West Ambulance Service and the relevant council department. This will help to ensure that our event is carried out professionally and safely.

Disruption to Local Residents

We are committed to causing minimum disruption to local residents. There will be increased noise in the area on the event days. We have employed an independent specialist noise management company to carry out tests throughout the event to ensure that levels do not exceed those set by the Council. They will be taking readings from various points off-site including local residential areas.

We have designed our site layout first and foremost with local residents in mind. The main stage has been positioned in such a way that the projected sound travel is facing away from the nearest residential premises to minimise disruption. If you have any concerns that you would like to raise prior to the show, please contact us on the email address above.

Sound checks will be scheduled for an hour at lunch time and from 5 – 6:30pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Saturday afternoon soundcheck will run for 3 hours from 2pm.

Traffic and Transport

There is very little parking close to the site, wherever possible we would encourage the use of public transport, and travelling to the site by foot or bicycle.

Waste and Rubbish

As part of our best sustainable practices for all events we will have a full waste management plan in place to include a commitment to recycling all litter that we possibly can from the site. All drinks will be served in reusuable souvenier cups that you can take home with you. These will be charged at £1 at your first purchase.

Sustainability Policy

We recognise the immediate impact the events we manage can have in the local environment and community. With this in mind we will strive to make the event as carbon nuetral as possible and will be using local buisnesses, contractors and services as much as possible for all aspects of the event.

Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

No resale of any tickets without the express permission of Crosstown.

No readmittance.